The Bottle Tree

Brachychiton rupestris

A supreme feature tree

Bottle Trees will fit into virtually any landscape design and will make an impressive presence. Succulent, drought resistant and semi-deciduous, the Bottle Tree is tolerant of a range of various soils and temperatures.

Bottle Trees demonstrate a high degree of individuality, each tree being different in shape and character to the next. From the remarkable striking, bottle shape the trunks taper upwards to a narrow neck from which the branch network grows upwards and outwards.

Bottle Trees mostly grow as a single stem though some divide into two or three close to the ground and later may meld into one making an impressive trunk.

Bottel Trees NZ

Interesting Facts:

  • Frost tolerant when established down to minus -8ºC.
  • Irregular deciduous - leaves may not fall every year and then only some branches. Leaves develop in 5 different stages.
  • Flowers are cream - may not flower every year.
  • Bottle begins to form under ground when 10cm high.
  • The trunk may excrete sap during wet weather.
  • They put down single or multiple tap roots, that look like a carrot with some surface feeder roots.
  • Good for growing in lawns and garden beds - they won't rob moisture.
  • Canopy can be heavily pruned to form compact, smaller shape.
  • Smaller Bottle Trees generally produce a squat bottle shape.
  • Taller Bottle Trees produce slender longer bottle shapes.